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A.H. Scott author of three novels, titled "Over My Head", "Buckets Of Rain" and Rack Em"; as well as other tales of love, suspense, mystery and desire.

"Over My Head" is a contemporary romance novel about debt, desire and danger. Lawrence Chase owed a debt. His wife, Angela, decides to take a gamble of her own, which leads to places that unseen consequences roam. What begins as a bargain of assisting a spouse with a problem, takes a woman down a rocky road of self reflection, desire and unraveling a secret from the past. Filled with smothered aspirations, smoldering sparks and an explosive conclusion, "Over My Head" is available from Amazon (worldwide), Barnes & Noble, ITunes & Smashwords.

Excerpt from "Over My Head" :

Marty Balin's milky voice washed over an entering Angela Carter Chase, as she walked towards that bar. On a jukebox to her right, "Count On Me" played moderately in this almost empty establishment. Jefferson Airplane's melody filled that July afternoon's air. For this motivated wife, Angela quite aptly understood meaning of those lyrics. Larry could always count on Angie.

Slightly bending neck and head over the bar's edge, Angela spoke with familiarity, "Archie? Is that you?"

Archie Hamilton placed several inventory slips down on an empty crate and looked around to see where that light voice came from. Quite taken aback at Angela Carter's presence in this location, he moderately uttered, "Angela Carter? What are you doing here?"

Turning hesitation to a happy smile, Hamilton added, "You haven't been in these parts in a long time. It's good to see you again".

Relieved to see this acquaintance, Angela returned a subtle smile, "You too, Archie. It's good to see a friendly face".

Standing upright, he grasped the papers and put them onto that bar counter, "So, can I get you something to drink?"

"Oh, I'm not here for that", Angela was determined to get through this unpleasant task rapidly, as brown eyes gazed towards a pool table area in back, "Is Nicholas here?"

"Nick?", carelessly shrugging at hearing the reason why this female was there, Archie calmly conveyed Bell's whereabouts, "Sure, he's in the back".

Slim form in white dress cautiously moved near the billiard tables and smiled back at this mellow barkeep, "Thank you, Archie".

"Listen, Angela", calling out to her, he smiled, "I could have him come out here and talk to you", walking out from behind that bar, Hamilton could sense a glimmer of discomfort in this brunette's hesitation to be in Nicholas Bell's establishment, "It would be no problem".

"Thanks for your kindness", nibbling bottom lip, Angela started to walk away, "I've got this situation in control".


"Yes, Archie", flipping head and hair to face him, this woman replied.

"Take it easy, okay", Hamilton smiled.

"I will", woman on a mission motioned to the back of the Eight Ball.

White pumps tapped against green tiles, as she saw Gennaro Esposito and two other men playing a game of pool with Nicholas Bell.

As Nick has his back to an approaching Angela fifteen feet away, Espo nodded head to get him to turn around. The holder of that large debt would see for himself what the Rabbit's Foot had dragged in. A white pearl from shoe to dress stood in an arena of ash and dim lighting.

Lawrence Chase's losing streak in an unlicensed Fairwater casino had led his wife to this unlikely place. Fabric of lightest color revealed more about the lady who wore that dress.

She was queen of diamonds in a deck of destiny that he'd frittered away. In a high stakes game of a husband's multiple hands of poor choices, Angela held onto the wildest card of all.

Nicholas Bell's life of varied fortune had proceeded with an abundant arrival of Angela Carter Chase.

Dressed in black tee and pants, Nick slowly twisted himself around, "Right on time", softly whispering to Espo.

"An hourglass, my friend", Esposito sighed at the sight of such beauty in their midst, while moving towards those other two men.

Butterfly of mixed emotions that fluttered in her throat were swallowed and confidence emerged from Angela's soft lips, while stationed on one side of that pool table, "Hello, Nicholas".

A false air of being surprised at her sight filled Nick's voice, as he spoke to this woman in white, "Angela, it's good to see you again".

"Gee, that's what Archie just said to me", Chase felt a bit of gallows's humor would break the ice of this awkward moment of being reintroduced to him, "Can we talk?"

"Surely", Nick rested pool stick against table and grinned at her, "We can sit over in one of the booths", pointing towards that almost empty bar area.

Angela was pleased at his offer, but declined, "I'd like to speak with you in private".

"Private?", Bell was puzzled with Chase's request to be alone with him. Yet, he knew exactly why that conversation would need to be without an audience, "No one will bother us when we sit down to talk", slyly winking over at a trusted friend, who knew what was actually going on, "Isn't that right, Gennaro?"

Adorned in white, silk shirt and tan pants, this male had the appearance of a tropical toreador. Putting away pool stick in rack, he looked like a cool coconut cocktail to her.

Gennaro Esposito had known Angela from being acquainted with her at various public events, "Oh, yeah", giving a smile to this attractive visitor, Espo rolled out the welcome mat to their unfiltered world, "Hello, Angela You look like a blue cloud of joy".

"Hi, Gennaro", polite to a fault, Arthur Carter's daughter smiled back, "Thanks for the compliment", returning to the point of this visit in the first place, "Please, Nick. I really need to talk to you, alone".

"Hey, how can I resist a request from such a lovely lady", nodding head in direction of Esposito, he added, "Hold all my calls, Espo", holding right hand outward to Angela, this male in his 30's pointed towards a back office, "We can talk in my office".

Angela Carter Chase slowly sauntered down a small hallway that led to Bell's office, as he followed behind her in the mode of a wolf salivating at a juicy mouse. Nicholas turned head and winked back at a stationary, smiling Gennaro Esposito.

As this woman entered that office, Nick closed the door behind her, "Please, have a seat, Angela".

"I think I'll stand", calmly replying to Bell's offer.

"It's your decision", smiling at her, he sat down behind his desk, "Well, how clichι it would be of me to ask", slightly snickering in a quizzical tone, "But, what brings you by?"

Angela pulled a few loosened strands of hair behind her ear, as she took a deep breath, "I think you know why I'm here, Nicholas".

"Angela, Angela", with glint of cheer in his voice, he cleaned teeth minutely, "You remember all my friends call me Nick", remembering their meeting years prior.

"Okay", uttering a modest sigh, she relented, "Nick, you do know why I'm here", fidgeting fingers began tapping against white purse, "My husband".

"Maybe you should spell it out for me, Mrs. Chase", letting Angela feel a quick sting of hearing herself as the spouse of an unlucky gambler.

Wife in white wardrobe placed her cards of purpose onto Nick Bell's desk, "I'm here to talk to you about Lawrence's debt".

Brows arched in response, "Ah, so I guess your husband can't handle this himself?", unable to avoid chuckling at this vision of loveliness taking on a responsibility of paying Larry's losses off.

"That's not funny, Nick", taking a small inhalation of courage, Angela turned rigid in place.

Seeing this female's frigid air about her, Bell used a few words of accommodation, "Have a seat, Angela".

"I'm fine standing", not wanting to chitchat with this male of dubious demeanor, Chase stood still.

"Sit down, Angie", with a statement of ordering his visitor to recline into a chair, Nick smiled at Angie in a mixture of smoothness and rocky resolution, "This is going to be done under my terms", placing palm out in a motion for her to relax, he let this female know exactly who she was dealing with, "And, definitely not yours".

Arthur Carter's daughter had the air of a profitable lineage, which Nicholas Bell hadn't been in contact with in many a year. Members of Eau Claire's society would not look down the Eight Ball's owner again.

Slowly her body rested into a chair, "Okay, so now I'm sitting here", giving this male compliance.

"You see, Angela", glad of the way she heeded that insistence of descending action, Nick grinned with sense of relief, "Everyone can comply when they want to".

"You hold Larry's marker", Angela's deep breath was taken slowly with an offer of accepting a husband's financial responsibility to Nicholas Bell, "And, I'm here to take care of it".

Knowing how to play a dim-witted social climber in some sort of blind ignorance to the numbers game with Arthur Carter's offspring, Nick moderately spelled out that figure, "It's a quite large sum he owes".

"I know that", calmly replying to him, she sat stone faced.

"And, you also know, I can be a prick and only deal with him", showing how easy it could be to play the hard ass and tow a line that Lawrence Chase was in no way possible of remaining balanced on.

Several classes in etiquette and charm were put to good use with Angie's delivery, "But, that's if you wanted to, Nick", smiling lightly, "And, you're not".

"Angie?", taking a second of silent pause, Nick leaned forward over that desk and returned the smile to this brunette bombshell, "Does he know?"

"He? Who?", wondering about whom Bell could be interjecting into their conversation, Angela Chase asked.

"Larry", cutting to the quick of identity, Nicholas Bell tossed the person who owed him that money into the mix, "Does he know you're here with me? Right now?"

"That shouldn't be any of your concern", Mrs. Lawrence Chase became quite a defensive diva in white.

"By that answer, he doesn't know", thrilled and unphased in her presence, Nick smirked in realizing Angie was tossing a lovely hat into his universe without that weak spouse or powerful parent's knowledge, "So, the lady wants to make her own deal with me?"

Angela's backbone stiffened with an earnest pitch of dissolving a debt, "I'm not here to make a deal, Nick", teeth chattering scoff came forth, "I'm here to pay off my husband's debt".

"And, what if I said your money", Nick laughed at the woman seated across from him, thinking of how he could really get under Angela Carter Chase's soft skin, "Or, your daddy's money ain't no good here".

"I would call you a fool for not taking what I'm here to offer to pay", arrogance of lineage overtook Angela, as she umbrage over any sane being passing up flushed finances.

Bell loved money. No doubt about that. But, sometimes pennies couldn't tune passion's piano, "Then call me a fool".

"We can work it out someway", lips parted and her smile broadened with an elevated coaxing.

"Okay, you win", Bell patted his desk lightly, "You came to me in good faith", holding tongue for a second, "So, here's what I'll do for you, Angie", smacking lips, "I will let you pay it off, on one condition".

Hesitantly sighing, Angela asked "What is it?"

"Well, since I'm the one who's taking the risk of this marker not being paid off, I think I have the right to make any condition on that debt that I want", Nick's eyes twinkled when speaking of this mythical condition he wished to place onto Larry's loss.

"I'm not going to make a deal with you, without knowing what the condition is", Angela may have been desperate in helping her husband, but she wasn't an idiot in negotiating with someone.

"Ah, the lady is quite eager, isn't she?", smirk of joy came over Bell's face, as Nick tossed an offer out, "A time limit".

"Sounds fair", biting bottom lip lightly, Angie asked, "What is it, Nick?"

"250. Four hours".

Angela thought she must have misheard those two statements from Nicholas, "You must be joking?"

"Do you see me grinning, sugar?", joviality faded from a handsome male's face, as Nicholas Bell's brow arched in an honest assessment of his own interest.

"What you're saying would take more than just a few hors to pull together", almost at that point of a speechless sparrow in this eagle's presence, Angela Carter Chase has taken that time limit and attempted to shift the burden of fairness into this man's court.

"Oh, baby, I do know that", as if his tongue were a stiletto, every word popped with that piercing tone of staccato, "But, then again", he smiled at her, "Angela Chase, you're the one that came here on Larry's behalf".

Chase gave a coquettish chuckle to a man she'd met almost a decade earlier, "It's not like that kind of money is just laying around, Nick".

"Oh, Angela, I know that", tartness evaporated from Nick's lips, as he lightly replied.

"So, then what are you getting at?", Angela's shrug of moderation flowed from her being, when quizzing him.

"There is something that can be as bountiful as a bushel of cash", tapping fingertips of both hands together and rocking body in that office chair behind the desk, Nicholas gave a longing look at Angela's ample assets from the waist up.

Lawrence Chase may have lacked ability to pay back that chunk of cash. But, then again, a priceless treasure is what was situated in Nicholas Bell's office.

Clarity of motives unraveled before those soft brown eyes of that female. A stammer came over Angela with a stunted stream of words, "What do you want, Nick?"

Straightening himself out of that chair, Nick walked out from behind that desk towards a Angie and a single word came out of his mouth, "You"............


"Buckets Of Rain" is a conspiracy thriller. Murder in a sleepy Michigan town leads to an investigation that uncovers a conspiracy just beneath the cloak of civility. A couple attacked. Two lives destroyed. Truths become exposed in the harshest way to avoid. When "Buckets Of Rain" cascade, illusions of secrets in life's blind spots begin to fade. A.H. Scott pulls the trigger on a thriller that's truly a killer. Even days when the sun shines brightest, "Buckets Of Rain" fall. The most dangerous place to be is at the helm of hubris. Danger is closer than you think. "Buckets Of Rain" is available from Amazon (worldwide) and Smashwords.

Excerpt from "Buckets Of Rain":

Coral lips, moist as medium rare mignon, smiled with blushing bashfulness at this male stranger. Bright beam of daylight, DeeDee Howard; stood as an unprotected lamb in a dark arena of this quite capable, purveyor of punishment, Victor Arrington. Braided feelings, of both scorn and lust, thundered down his spine.

Ironically, while observing this creature before him, surprise cracked normalcy's tedious timepiece.

Whipping against those ascending, raging reins, flames of cooled carnality suddenly smoldered within Arrington once more. Cherished gem of classic beauty is what DeeDee was and even received a smile of cloistered longing from Victor.

No doubt about it, she did have lovely looks; which in some ways, made what was about to happen to her sparkling world, all the more tragically justifiable.

Print dress with square neckline, had narrow straps, in the vein of Fettuccine. With an inverted pleat gathered by a back drawstring and concealed back zipper, it exuded a bold bosom. Spruce hue, had a splash of a light green faded color, in a mini leaf print. That dress gave this wearer a look of a sprawling spider plant fanning around this female's flesh. Around willowy neck, hung a barely visible wire necklace, threaded with rectangular beads of an icy frosted, aqua blue color.

Margaret Howard was an appealing sight for any person of the opposite sex. This included a lustfully vacant Victor Arrington.

Target of Thursday's strike, gave him a few kind words, "I'll take those" ,gingerly grasping folders from his fingers.

Voice was absent from Victor for a moment, leaving this male crawling for some sort of response to her, "Oh, yes, these are yours".

Eyes flicked at silver watch on slim wrist, grinning again and uttering, "I'm late for a meeting" ,like a lady on a mission of velocity, Margaret began to exit with fabric flapping around that middle thigh area, "You have a good day, sir".

"Miss?" ,calling out to this blissfully ignorant female, an adaptable Arrington wanted her attention for a few more seconds.

Amongst slight stream of people walking past both of them, from internal dining area towards it's external hotel area, lightness beamed forth, as Howard's body turned to face this stranger of no threat, "Who? Me?"

Scent of jasmine snaked around that figure, while envisioning her as a treasonous temptress consumed Victor Arrington's mind. Snap of primal hunger in Margaret's modest presence washed over this male. Suddenly, arousal's chords changed, as knowledge of knowing which immoral pathway she existed on, placed future plans in crystal clear motion.

Betrayal held all the cards, while winning out over this male's heightened hankering for humping Howard in an oncoming night. Calm and cool, Victor returned a statement to Margaret, "I just wanted to say something more" ,giving a smile of warmth, this viper proclaimed, "May this life bring you everything you deserve".

Joy came onto that lovely face, while DeeDee replied, "Thank you, sir. And may you receive the same" ,motioning bounce towards that hotel's front entrance, Peg went on her merry way of life.

With that luscious lamb into the distant crowds of that location, a internal whisper came from those stunned lips, "I most definitely will"........


"Rack Em" is a contemporary, romantic thriller set in the arena of international auctions of the exotic and erotic. From a simple action occuring in 1758 France, Manon was a woman who sacrificed her glittering bobbles to get a lover out of prison. Seems like something so innocuous to lead to a modern day mystery. Yet, her name was Manon Balletti. And, the man who held her heart was known more famously by his last name - Casanova. A.H. Scott sets the game of life on edge in the pages of "Rack Em". Purchase A.H. Scott's "Rack Em" from Amazon Worldwide and Smashwords.

Excerpt and description of excerpt :

(....Arlington Cross and Pao Tse-Ling were quite capable negotiators. In so many ways, their skills complimented one another......)

Having been caught in the tornado of temptation with Turina and Maxtina, Arlington Cross definitely wasn't up to playing the game of a desperate dude in need of feminine attentions. "Suddenly, you arrive on my doorstep, three days before the sale is to happen,” starting to give a blunt assessment of this visit, "Now, you and I both know this ain't coincidence.”

"That's exactly why I'm here, tonight.” coral lips parted and a grin formed on her silken face.

"Do you have a new set of numbers for me?” turning suddenly humble to this disarming woman, Arlington began revisiting past conversations on the possible pricing of the precious trio of that August auction.

"Well,” unclasping white purse, Pao pulled out a sliver of powder blue paper, "I have contacted my home office and this is our new offer.”

Paper placed into his hand was read quickly, "Well, this is quite an improvement than before,” handing the item back to Pao, "Yet, something so priceless cannot be purchased cheaply.”

A tinge of rejection flowed from his hand to hers as Pao folded the paper and placed it back into her purse. "Maybe, you can see something precious, in a different light.”

"And, how is that?” Arlington Cross took off his black rimmed reading glasses, putting them onto that oak desk. Briefly placing right thumb and index finger to bridge of his nose, he squinted for a second.

"I know our offer may not be the largest. Especially, among all the others that have contacted you,” content with that number on a piece of paper, Pao continued that promotion of Flower Moon's flawless reputation, "But, it is a fair price"

"Forget about saying it as our offer,” Arlington wanted to hack through the field of Pao's veiling herself behind the bamboo curtain of that Shanghai location, as he began placing hands in pockets and probed a bit further, "I want the pleading for my attention to come from you.”

"Me?" taken aback by this Texan's statement, Tse-Ling was driven to a simple shrug in replying to him.

"You are nobody's delivery girl.” His right hand came out of pants' pocket and pinched the bridge of his nose gently. “You are a bright pearl Pao There's no way that your office would have sent you to Vancouver, if you weren't prepared for the job.”

"Maybe I'm not the right person for the job? Is that what you're saying to me?” Pao’s confidence took an unwarranted uppercut from Arlington, as if a cape of doubt suddenly began to ascend over her.

"Not in any way, Pao. You have a sterling reputation. Fortunately, this lot is among the niche that you have so discreetly dedicated a career to,” Cross brushed mixed hair back with both hands.

"That's something quite interesting. You've had me investigated" Never a person to down in self pity or dejection, Pao took a swing in her own defense and distinction built over several years "Now, you tell me why I shouldn't feel besmirched by this invasion of my privacy?"

Hearing such a snap in this woman's voice, Arlington couldn't help but give her a sparkle of praise. "Curiosity and novelty is what you trade in. This isn't something that the average house buys and sells. This isn't for the meek.”

"At least now I know,” Tse-Ling took a long, deep breath, coming to terms with her Canadian counterpart, "You and I are in the same business.”

"Precisely put, pretty Pao. So, this means you can put a higher number on that paper.” knowing this fascinating lady from Shanghai had more leeway with pricing goods than most buyers he'd come across. "You, me, and all the others that have been sniffing around this place, know to the winner goes those golden spoils.”

"You're correct, sir. I could, but, I won't.” Pao Tse-Ling's verbal tango with him, turned from glimmering to a stern refusal. "That is my final offer,” beginning to exit his establishment with purse in hand, "Good night, sir.”

"There may be another option,” Cross tossed a preserver of opportunity into acquisition's ocean.

As those words drifted from his lips, Pao suddenly stopped in her tracks. With back to this Cross, she smiled to herself. Turning around to face him, the smile evaporated. "And, what could that possibly be?"

"I could leave the bidding open for another 72 hours,” Arlington began to lay an offer on the line, hoping Pao might take it.

Pao may have relished the chance to get back into the ring of negotiation with him, knowing those four corners may be closing in around her. "Tell me exactly how 3 days could change this offer's position?"

"The market's hot right now. That's because everyone thinks the time is almost up,” owner of Cross Collectibles gave the outlook on where the auction was heading, “As the hours fly by, the wheat separates from the chaff.”

"I know this may be inappropriate,” Pao folded arms with purse held in hand, “But how high am I on that bidder’s list?”

"You are in the lucky seven.” Enjoying Pao's interest being peaked in hearing about the odds being in her favor, Arlington grinned.

"That's a good thing to know" Feeling she'd partially dissolved that wall of distrust which Arlington placed between her and him, Pao felt a sense of comfort in inquiring to Cross "But, does that mean you can be more specific?"

"I could,” Cross let out a relaxed laugh, as that feather of flirtation, which was there when they first met, tickled his soul, “But then what felicity would there be in that?”

"Felicity may be a relative thing.”

"Pleasure always is.”

"And, what pray tell…” Pao took off her jacket as a seductive ribbon curled around her, "Gives you bliss?”

"Beauty.” Unknotting his tie with one hand, Arlington Cross gazed at this hypnotic creature before him, "Wisdom.”

"A wise man once said,” Pao's palms gingerly rubbed against each other, as a quote from de Montaigne seemed more than appropriate for what journey this varied duo were about to embark on, "One may be humble out of pride.”

Mixture of surprise and thrill rolled over him. "Three is your lucky number, Pao.”

"In life's game of chance,” Tse-Ling placed peach jacket onto a wooden chair, "Maybe the golden jackpot is right within your realm.”

"Lady Luck.” Cross’s arousal almost became uncontrollable in the presence of such loveliness as he walked closer to Pao. "Casting a spell?"

Eclipse of a blush formed on Pao's cheeks. "The fairy dust is mine.” Attentively, rubbing a manicured hand against Arlington’s crotch, "While the wand remains in your court.”

Lightly whispering into Pao’s soft ear, Arlington feasted on the temptation. "Soon to be into you.” tiny kisses onto her lobes. "Lovely queen of lust.”

Tingling sensations filled Pao, as moist lips pressed against his. Arlington Cross’s charming ways melted away this lady's defenses.

Within a foot of where they stood, a black leather swivel chair sat empty. Tse-Ling pressed against Cross, getting him into a seated position. "Pao, What are you doing?"

"Be silent, sir.” Pao pulled the silk fabric of blouse away and revealed a white lace bra. Three small hooks set herself free, "Silence is golden, Arlington.”

Holding this woman by the hips, Cross pulled Pao closer and kissed her right breast "Absolutely golden. Just as your breasts. Beautiful.”

"Mmm, that's nice.” Exhaling with that feeling of bliss, Pao's desire was slowly building for him.

With his hands still on her hips, Arlington reached behind her and unzipped the white skirt. She shimmied as it fell onto that wooden floor. One leg stepped out and the other deftly kicked the cotton item onto the cluttered oak desk.

Pao placed her hands onto Arlington's strong shoulders, as his eyes followed her every movement, "A delicate flower you are, Pao.” tip of tongue gently licked between those breasts.

"Cross, is this your idea of negotiating?” tiny giggle came out of that smiling mouth, while placing left index finger beneath his chin.

"No, Pao.” Playing lust's cards close to the vest, Arlington Cross gingerly kissed Pao's palm and let that soft hand go from his, "This is my idea of pleasure.”

Tse-Ling's hair was tightly pulled back in a bow design, held in place with white satin ribbon and golden hairpins. This woman remained a vision of ornate mystery for an animal of male persuasion. Manicured fingers freed that silken mane, letting Pao feel truly independent of conventionality and clothing.

"That's good to hear.” Pao’s hair fell, like strands of chocolate linguini against Cross’s cheek. Kneeling between his legs, a whisper came from those tender lips, "Pleasure is so subjective, sir.” ........end of excerpt

A little bit more background on the two main characters, Arlington Cross & Pao Tse-Ling :

Arlington Cross - Vancouver antiques dealer and owner of Cross Collectibles and recipient of a package from the deceased elder female in France. He is a man under the faulty impression that making a move from the United States to Canada would make his life more simplistic. Little could Arlington Cross ever imagine how complex an antique auction would be.


Pao Tse-Ling - Chief of acquisitions for a Chinese antique house. She has been sent on a journey to Canada for a simple purchase during an upcoming auction at Cross Collectibles. Not just any items would bring this female across the world to North America. These are treasures that Tse-Ling and her employer have been quite interested in for many years. Little did she think any danger would exist at a humble location in Vancouver.

(Well, that's just a few samples from my pen. All three of these novels are just 99 cents, as well as other tales I've written that are available for purchase at Amazon Worldwide, Barnes & Noble and Itunes. Also, there are several of my works for FREE at Smashwords)

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........"It all begins between the ears" - A.H. Scott....


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