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A.H. Scott - The Temp

There's a tempting temp named Brenda. She had a way of unbending any man's writer's block with splendor. A.H. Scott invites you to take a trip to a Vineyard of varied pleasures. The Temp awaits for you.....

A.H. Scott invites you to see Brenda's skills on display.

A capable assistant has untapped capabilities, as a man with writer's block finds out in "The Temp". Brenda is a helpful woman, who knows the power of inspiration. And she gives Thomas just the right stroke for his ego. During a weekend together, Thomas recaptures his lost flow of words and desire. Brenda is an invaluable asset as "The Temp".

This lady can bring out the pearl from any man's oyster...

Unlock something Tempt-ing tonight...;)

Live the fantasy of "The Temp" at :



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