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The World Of A.H. Scott - IN SOPHIA'S EYES

Caught In The Moment: Opus

In Sophia’s Eyes


A.H. Scott

Dale had eyes the color of intense chocolate and confident stride that made many a female take a second look. Yet, that isn’t what attracted Sophia.

Of course, Sophia’s eyes enjoyed the way others looked when walking down the street with Dale. And, as for Dale, it was the envy which other men had in their eyes as Sophia’s sexy waist had a strong arm coiled around it.

Dale always reminded Sophia of actor Alan Ladd, who never really needed to say much until apt words were needed.

Dale was different than any of Sophia’s other lovers.

They’d moved in together about six months earlier, after only seven dates.

Sophia and Dale met in the most bizarre way. Each had been taking ballroom dancing classes at O’Hair’s Dance School.

Four left feet led to two hearts that skipped a beat, as the melody of love washed over them with each dance.

Sophia planned a romantic night for herself and Dale. Quarter to seven was the time that read on the small alarm clock next to their bed.

Emerald green lace teddy with thong would be the present Sophia was going to start the evening with for Dale.

Hearing key into front door lock of their apartment, she knew Dale would unwrap her sexy package soon.

Dale opened the door and started to sniff the air. Two distinct smells teased that nose, for it was a mixture of baked ziti and Sophia’s favorite fragrance, Pink Rose.

Pink Rose had seduced Dale the first night they shared in bed. Dale smiled and walked into the kitchen, for it was obvious that Sophia had big plans for them this night.

Taking jacket off, Dale placed it upon the back of the wooden kitchen chair. Rubbing hands together, Dale couldn’t resist getting an eye on that sumptuous supper Sophia prepared for them.

Sophia peeked around the corner from their bedroom and saw Dale licking lips with drool over this homemade meal. “I knew you’d be unable to resist a peek at my treats for you”.

Dale chuckled and wrapped arms around Sophia’s waist, “You make me want to come home early every night, Sophia”.

Sophia’s lips were glistening with strawberry gloss, as she kissed Dale and laughed, “Ziti is only the beginning, my love”.

“Damn, baby, you smell so good” Dale ran both hands along those curvy hips slowly.

“Oooh, and your hands are just the remedy to get the night started just right, lover” Sophia pouted playfully, as she backed away from Dale’s grasp, “So, do you like my gift?”

Dale wasn’t much on noticing every little naughty nick nack that Sophia purchased and shrugged when looking at her, “Oh, is that new?”

Turning around slowly, Sophia began to lift the green teddy above the slim string which clung between those soft butt cheeks, “Do you like it, honey?”

Dale didn’t need to say the words of approval, as those strong hands cupped Sophia’s bottom in their palms, “I’d like you out of it, my little lucky charm”.

Sophia placed her hands atop Dale’s, while enjoying that feeling of warm breath upon milky neck from behind, “Luck be a lady tonight”.

Dale laughed and released those creamy assets, “Baby, you are so naughty” Running fingers through short black hair, a hearty chuckle filled the air.

“You go and get washed up for dinner, darling and I’ll get everything set up for us” Sophia giggled and wiggled over towards the cupboard for a pair of plates.

Dale may have loathed taking orders from the customers that came to the garden nursery every workday. But, for a soft rose such as Sophia, her command was Dale’s warmest wish.

Walking into the bathroom, a half used bar of Lavva soap cleaned the soil and grime from the day’s hard labor.

Face splashed with cold water, Dale smiled at the image in the mirror. Dale thought of how lucky an individual the person in the mirror was to have a vibrant girlfriend like Sophia.

So happy was Dale, a few notes of their favorite song was whistled while strolling into the kitchen for dinner.

“Build Me Up Buttercup” was the song that played on a jukebox on their first date.

Lace teddy had a gentle sway to it, as she made finishing touches on dinner preparations. Sophia wanted to make sure Dale was satisfied with every aspect of this evening.

Warm food and matching kisses were what she wanted Dale to experience with her.

Dale could seem gruff at times. Yet Sophia brought out a quite sensitive side to this human being. Holding chair out for her, Dale nodded to this curvy cook, “Sweetheart, this meal looks wonderful. Come and sit down”.

Sophia curled fingers around her silken red mane and pecked Dale’s right cheek, “Gallant and handsome to boot, baby” Sliding down into that chair, she enjoyed Dale’s hands rubbing her shoulders.

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my lady” Dale sat down across from her and picked up a glass of red wine. “I want to toast you, Sophia” A little choked up in the moment, a few more words were added, “To my beautiful Sophia, my love for you grows every day. Love ya’, honey”.

Dale may never was been much on expressing feelings from the heart to anyone. But, Sophia brought out another side of this solitary soul.

They had a good life together.

Pink fingernails tapped against the side of a glass, as Sophia raised it upward, “I love you, Dale”.

Clinging glasses together, each took a few sips and placed containers onto the table. Ziti and asparagus were scooped onto plates and small conversation occurred.

Sophia told Dale of her day at the small boutique she worked at. And, as for Dale, tales of daisies, moss, and panoply of floral delights were the tales of an ordinary workday.

When they finished their meal, Sophia cleared the dishes from the table and placed them in the sink.

Running the water and giving a few squirts of lemon dish liquid all over the plates and utensils, Sophia felt Dale’s chin against her soft neck, “Dale, you know that tickles”.

Dale laughed, “I know. That’s why you enjoy it so much, Sophia”.

Playfully, she used her shoulder to push Dale away and continue washing those dishes. Backing away from her, Dale just rested against the kitchen counter, folded arms and watched this lovely vision with Pink Rose perfume on silky skin.

Sophia and Dale bantered back and forth, as the final plate positioned in a dryer on top of the kitchen counter. She smiled, “All done. Now, I’m all yours”.

They kissed tenderly.

Sophia rubbed Dale’s back and gently made a request, “Darling, you go into the bedroom, while I turn off the lights out here and get ready for you in my own special way”.

Without a second beat, Dale was off into their bedroom.

Lights in the living room and kitchen were turned off and Sophia made her way towards the bedroom.

Standing in the doorway, she smiled at the sight of Dale relaxing on the turned down bed, waiting for her entrance.

“Dale?” She walked towards her lover with a seductive smirk on that lovely face, as Sophia made sure Dale’s attention was hers alone.

Dale sat up on the bed and motioned prone body towards the edge of that structure.

Being much taller than her, Dale’s feet didn’t dangle over the bed’s edge. They were planted firmly on the blue carpeted floor.

Sophia’s body was cherished by Dale. Large, rough hands could have been an irritation to such soft skin. Yet, Sophia enjoyed Dale’s firm touch.

Dale sat in black pants, as legs parted for Sophia to stand between. “Damn, baby. You make it all worth it, Sophia”.

Sophia’s breasts rested inside of a cupped portion of teddy, as she pulled the small satin ribbon to free them for Dale’s titillation, “I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, Dale”.

Placing hands on Sophia’s belly, each skillful finger worked upward to her breasts and parted the lace garment. Dale’s thumb and index fingers squeezed each nipple, as a smile came to a beaming face, “You are special, Sophia. No one knows me like you do”.

“I know” Sophia’s hands softly ran against either cheek, “Like this”, Strawberry scented lips motioned downward to left cheek with a pair of kisses, “And, it’s only beginning” Right cheek wasn’t kissed, but tongue tip tapped against it lightly, “Make love to me, Dale”.

Dale was respectful of her and always longed for those four words from Sophia’s lips.

Making love to her would make the outside world wash away until the next workday for Dale. Sophia was an antidote for chaos in Dale’s mind. Soft and sweet smelling, there was a hint of happiness in every smile and swerve of Sophia’s being.

A request to take the journey into ecstasy’s pond, turned to be what touched Dale’s heart most when being with Sophia. She was the only woman that cracked the armor of this wounded soul.

Holding Sophia’s left hand, Dale kissed it like a royal romantic and stood up. Looking down at this woman who was so inviting of joy and pleasure, Dale whispered, “Without haste, my love”.

Sophia draped perfumed arms around Dale’s neck, as those hands ran up and down her back.

Dale hummed their song once more and Sophia rested her head against firm chest. As she felt Dale’s heart beating with fire, Sophia ran her hands against the belt buckle and crotch area on those black pants.

She could tell how aroused Dale was at that moment. That simple twitch of tight fabric was the sign Sophia treasured in being Dale’s lady.

Painted nails unbuckled and unzipped those black pants, as she got on her knees for Dale.

Attentive and loving, Sophia’s mouth met Dale’s flesh with loving care. Dale’s dark eyes gazed down at her, as blue eyes became locked upward in a dance of lust.

Dale felt that grand expansion, as a moan flowed forth, “Sophia….”

Mouth busy with Dale’s most intimate part inside of it, Sophia’s head bobbed to the left and right. Dale’s hands became instinctually masterful, as all ten fingers pressed upon her head.

Sophia’s bare breasts were tapped with the movement of Dale’s limbs from side to side, as her nipples hardened with every contact of black fabric.

Dale did not want Sophia’s lips to lose their full impact of attention. Fingers suddenly motioned away from clasping so tightly to her head, as Dale exhaled, “You are about to get me to explode, woman”

Sophia licked her lips and murmured, “All over me, baby. Please, Dale”.

“Okay, baby. Get up on that bed, Sophia” Dale got out of those pants and was only left wearing a white t-shirt.

Sophia loved it when Dale took charge. It was one of the things she loved most about their relationship. Dale’s command of her in their bedroom was Sophia’s true turn on.

Red hair swung around her shoulders, as she got into position for Dale. Sophia placed hands on oak headboard and ass upward for Dale to take her from behind....

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Caught In The Moment: Opus


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