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A.H. Scott - Stroking Sahara

Sarah had always been a spectator in her own life....

That excitement she always longed for seemed as elusive as an aromatic inhalation of luxurious lilies in a sandstorm along life's smoldering beach. Fire and desire was always within her grasp. Yet, she never truly looked at the power she held within her.


But, he did.


He was the grain of sand that reignited this oyster's pearl. There are men in this world that have that charming aplomb, which washes over all they come in contact with. And, this man, who entered Sarah's life, was that shimmering star coming into this lonely woman's galaxy of tranquility.

Heart's illumination begins....

Let the ribbon of romance twirl you into the tempting world of "Stroking Sahara".

Sand soars........

Cool wind kisses your spine & Kindle is the candle to light the way: A.H. Scott Stroking Sahara


Just when Sarah thought life had passed her by, a seductive stranger showed this woman her true worth. Sometimes we find ourselves, while being lost in another's eyes.

The dance begins.

The whispers of joy engulf two souls.

This is the tale of "Stroking Sahara".

Sometimes a stranger can heal a tattered heart. A single touch or a whisper washes away the tears of solitude. Chances can come in all shapes and sizes.

Smiles of kindness can melt glaciers of solitude, for opportunities of adventure are within the palm of a new acquaintance.

Releasing one's own restrictions of what is proper and gentile, takes a duo onto temptation's dance floor.

Romance's rumba begins within two beating hearts.

If taking a sojourn to that side of mystery intrigues you, then you've found that oasis in life's desert of daily drudge.

Open the pages and soak up "Stroking Sahara".

"Let your heart take flight" - A.H. Scott

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